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Touch for Health


What is Touch For Health?

Touch for Health works with the subtle body energies which are being explained by Quantum Physics. The muscles are used as a biofeedback mechanism and we are able to find out where the body/mind interaction takes place. Touch for Health is a tool then which works as connection between mind and body using the Electro-energy system called meridians which interface the physical and subtle energy bodies. It is the science of energy balancing, the results of which can be seen world wide.

Touch for Health is an accredited course for family use or intended professional kinesiologists. It is considered the basic requirement whether using kinesiology or Edu-K.

Comments from a student of TFH: 
I was diagnosed with Chrohn's disease, a painful inflammation of the colon. When I learned to muscle monitor I tested every food and the quantity I should eat. Over a period of three months the inflammation cleared which my doctor told me was amazing.

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