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Learning Enhancement Services

           2 Chip Chase Court, Bowral 2576 NSW AUSTRALIA

About Us

Learning Enhancement Services - Who are We?

The aim of our business is to facilitate children and adults alike to realise their potential.

Anita Robertson has been a school teacher for over forty years and a kinesiologist for 20 years. Lyn Francis was a crisis counsellor for nine years and a kinesiologist over 20 years. Both are registered kinesiologists, Practitioner Level 2, with the Australian Kinesiology Association and the Australian Traditional Medicine Society.

We are the Directors of Learning Enhancement Services, a consultancy business providing kinesiology therapies for clients of all ages. We are also the founders of Brain Joggers web site, an intended informational membership site for kinesiologists.

Lyn and Anita are the only two accredited LEAP (Learning Enhancement Acupressure Program) practitioners for Dr. Charles Krebs in NSW. This is a highly successful program to maximise peak performance in all ages.

We have been personally trained by other great names – Paul Dennison, John Upledger, Svetlana Musgatova and many others

The practitioners are accredited with the Australian Traditional Medicine Society. What does that mean?
Within the Australian Traditional Medicine Society College Principals are accountable for the standards of train and education of all graduates, this ensures a consistently high standard of education and an appropriate level of professionalism operating to a strict code of ethics.

Can I claim a refund on my private health fund?  
Yes, if you are a member of an Australian Private Medical Health Fund check to enquire if they will refund.