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Learning Enhancement Services has been engaged by public schools to produce educational kinesiology testing, health information and integrative classroom activities.  During the visit the consultant can hold parent/teacher mini courses to continue the work and parent interviews to explain the student’s needs.   We also provide private consultations for people with special challenges in learning. 

The partners are Practitioners registered with the Australian Kinesiology Association and the Australian Traditional Medical Society.

Anita Robertson Teach Cert. London,  is a teacher registered with the Dept. of Education. Trainer/instructor of teachers.  

Lyn Francis, Dip of Theology, Adelaide, has a wide background of communication skills.  Has experience in psychiatric and crisis counselling over a period of 9 years.

Both consultants have each been kinesiologists for more than twenty years.

What are the benefits of kinesiology?

  • assess learning potential and provide answers to attain individual potential

  • produce higher productivity with less effort, participants achieve more because learning is less arduous

  • when implemented, aids literacy

  • helps attain peak performance and coordination of fine and gross motor skills

  • improves the confidence, attitude and self esteem      

  • produces positive aptitude in students, including those with a disability, to participate more fully especially in making decisions about events, activities and goals in daily life

  • better communication and attitude within the home  

  • less disputes with peers

  • awareness of own body, its functions and basic requirements to remain healthy

  • personal action towards achieving physical and mental health        

  • promotes a healthy life style

  • is an excellent tool for transition, change & extension

Example program for a school

1. Staff training and development can be provided for educators, parents, carers and/or interested professionals and relatives so that the exercises and the concept of brain integration through movement can continue indefinitely.  The training is a basic four day kinesiology course which introduces kinesiology and how to use it. This can be considered a separate module.

2. All of the above people (mentioned in 1) are invited to be a part of the exercises and programme within the classroom along with staff and students so that the work is continued in the home. This is the ultimate goal.  We are of the opinion that parents and/or other family members should be as involved as possible.

3. The classroom activities are conducted by a qualified teacher, Anita Robertson.  Both consultants have Child Protection qualifications.

The programme will contain

  • Brain Gym exercises from the Teachers Edition of 'Brain Gym' by Paul Dennison

  • Fine and gross motor skill activities

  • Testing/retesting

  • Suggested referrals and other actions  

  • Consultations with parents 

4. While the above is being put into place our second consultant (Lyn Francis) will be working with students individually at the back of the classroom,  testing and assessing possible learning dysfunctions.  This is a most positive approach and can have great significance.  All students will be tested by standard kinesiology methods and a report provided to  the school.

Young students practice cross crawl.

The tests relate to:

  1. Sight - peripheral vision, focusing, eye dominance and specific fields of vision which are not tested under the present system

  2. Limbs - natural dominance and coordination of arms and legs

  3. Logic and motivation - trying too hard, wanting to succeed, built   in language barriers, deepening attitudes

  4. Muscle development related to coordination

  5. Skeletal movement - dysfunction of the skeletal system, fixation or stressed muscles which affect skeletal movement

  6. Environmental factors affecting the individual at home or in the classroom.

A video of the programme is available to view.

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